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Therefore with good reason it may be held to be the greatest of all, and that in which, more than in all other, he exhibited the greatest suffering and patience. John Row. These were gestures of contempt. 4. Let not this state of things, therefore, after this, my encouraging example, frighten you; the gospel requires a man to be such a character before it will save him. As the great and opulent of the earth are intended in the first clause, it is not by any means unnatural to suppose that the image of going "down to the dust", is designed to represent the poor and mean of mankind, who are unable to support themselves, and to provide for their multiplied necessities. And the cross is a rack, whereon he was stretched till, saith the Psalm, "all his bones were out of joint." 24. O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not, etc. Thus God sometimes wraps up his denials in such sweet intimations of love, as prevents all jealousies arising in the hearts of his people. In the verse before us, Jesus anticipates happiness in having communication with his people; he purposes to be their teacher and minister, and fixes his mind upon the subject of his discourse. It was possible for Christ by faith to know that he was beloved of God, and he did know that he was beloved of God, when yet as to sense and feeling he tasted of God's wrath. Verse 22. A fisherman, when he casts his angle into the river, doth not throw the hook in bare, naked and uncovered, for then he knows the fish will never bite, and therefore he hides the hook within a worm, or some other bait, and so, the fish, biting at the worm, is caught by the hook. Ver. He cried in extremis and de profundis, and was speedily answered; he therefore bids his people join him in singing a Gloria in excelsis. Now, I would fain know the man that ever went about to form such laws as should bind the hearts of men, or prepare such rewards as should reach the souls and consciences of men! and what is the reason for expecting that they shall? On turning to the Jewish Bible we find that the word (Mar) is translated as buffalo, and there is no doubt that this rendering is nearly the correct one, and at the present day naturalists are nearly agreed that the reem of the Old Testament must have been now the extinct urus...The presence of these horns affords a remarkable confirmation to a well known passage in Julias Caesar's familiar "Commentaries." 7-8. 16. Jesus gives, Jesus feeds us day by day, else must the life fade out and die. John Trapp. 1869. 3. Hell itself has for its fiercest flame the separation of the soul from God. The horns of the unicorns. I was cast upon thee from the womb. A state of unregeneracy is a state of forgetfulness. Thomas Watson. None of the people who shall be brought to God by the irresistible attractions of the cross shall be dumb, they shall be able to tell forth the righteousness of the Lord, so that future generations shall know the truth. The title of the twenty-second Psalm is Aijeleth Shahar—the morning hart. John Stevenson. "Worm, crawl out of my presence." Poverty, the hatred of men, and the temptation of Satan, joined in the pursuit. They pierced my hands and my feet. The Lord had said, "Awake, O sword", and now from the terror of that sword the Shepherd would fain be delivered as soon as justice should see fit. Because he was forsaken for a time you shall not be forsaken for ever. William Gurnall. Whole Psalm. John Morison. This hook stuck in his jaws, and tore him very sore. 16. Such were the persecutors who now beset our Lord. 21. Oh for grace to draw near and see this great sight! Dr. Gill wisely observes, "if the heart of Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, melted at it, what heart can endure, or hands be strong, when God deals with them in his wrath?". (vrx) rendered potsherd, is a word which denotes a piece of earthenware, frequently in a broken state. And shall declare his righteousness. Surely enough, at the appointed time, did he escape from the hunter's net, and stand forth on the mountains of Israel ALIVE, and never, NEVER to die again. Ver. His importunity is strengthened by confidence in paternal love. If prayer speed not, we must be sure that the fault is not in God, but in ourselves; were we but ripe for mercy, he is ready to extend it to us, and even waits for the purpose. Its employment is chiefly confined to the lower orders. Notes: 1 John Goldingay, “Psalm 22,” in Psalms, Volume 1: 1-41, ed. It was originally published in installments, until finally made available in a seven volume set.The complete unabridged work is part of the SwordSearcher Deluxe Bible Study Library, with commentary on any verse of the Psalms just a click away. 1. 15. My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? How can we ever complain of ridicule after this? I must be fed, and guided, and taught, and kept in life. Though God deserted Christ, yet at the same time he powerfully supported him. Leave me not, O my Saviour. The prophetical office of Christ, from Psalms 22:22-25. 2. Ps 38:9 33:3 Job 3:24. Many bulls have compassed me: strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round. Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. He who wills to believe shall never lack reasons for believing. As you would do with a dear friend, who, may be, comes to borrow a sum of money of you; lend it you dare not, because you see plainly it is not for his good; but in giving him the denial, lest he should misinterpret it, as proceeding from want of love and respect, you preface it with some kind of language of your hearty affection to him, as that you love him, and therefore deny him, and shall be ready to do for him more than that comes to. It begins with, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I am poured out like water: that is, in the thought of my enemies I am utterly destroyed. He would fain know why he is left, he raises that question and repeats it, but neither the power nor the faithfulness of God does he mistrust. The Seed. What comfort to be derived from it? Why? It is the photograph of our Lord's saddest hours, the record of his dying words, the lachrymatory of his last tears, the memorial of his expiring joys. yet such a double nature was found in the person of our Lord Jesus when bleeding upon the tree. 3. Toiling servant of God, be glad at the thought that the eternal purpose of God shall suffer neither let nor hindrance. Ver. Nor does it cost him any trouble to go thence to Galilee to his friends, and again to the Mount of Olives, "on the mountains of spices, "carrying with him the day dawn, "robed in life and beauty for ever more." It was fit that the accession of the Gentiles should be reserved for the gospel day, that it might grace the triumph of Christ over his enemies, and appear to be what it is, "the travail of his soul." Spurgeons's The Treasury of David". When consciousness ceases, all perception of pain is necessarily and instantly terminated. Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His … These words were first uttered by David, and David was speaking for all of God’s people. Life everlasting. So feeble had he become, so parched and dried up that CLAMMINESS OF THE MOUTH, one of the forerunners of immediate dissolution, had already seized him; "My tongue cleaveth to my jaws, and thou hast brought me into the dust of death." The Reproach. "To the chief Musician upon Aijeleth Shahar. Does it seem strange that the heart in its darkness and sorrow should find comfort in this attribute of God? What occupation? Ver. The Emaciation. He had long been a fountain of tears; in Gethsemane his heart welled over in sweat, and on the cross he gushed forth with blood; he poured out his strength and spirit, so that he was reduced to the most feeble and exhausted state. Ver. How remarkable to find them in a Psalm written so many hundred years before! Ver. Note the characters who partake of the benefit of his passion; "the meek, " the humble and lowly. 17. Three times over is it mentioned, they trusted, and trusted, and trusted, and never left off trusting, for it was their very life; and they fared well too, for thou didst deliver them. John Trapp. Nor does he look only to the quantity, he pays particular regard to the quality of the seed. John Stevenson, in "Christ on the Cross", 1842. Ver. The destitute state of Joseph and Mary, far away from friends and home, led them to see the cherishing hand of God in the safe delivery of the mother, and the happy birth of the child; that Child now fighting the great battle of his life, uses the mercy of his nativity as an argument with God. The whole Psalm refers to Christ, containing much that cannot be applied to another: parting his garments, casting lots for his vesture, etc. Imagine this dreadful scene. In the great congregation. Go to, To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient. David acknowledges ancient mercies, those mercies which had been cast upon him long ago, these were still fresh and new in his memory, and this is one affection and disposition of a thankful heart—to remember those mercies which another would have quite forgotten, or never thought of. My strength is dried up like a potsherd. 4-6. Hard cases need timely aid: when necessity justifies it we may be urgent with God as to time, and cry, "make haste; "but we must not do this out of wilfulness. 2. 17. Cruel Romans! Ver. 12. 14. It is based on the ground of relationship—"I am thine; I cry day and night, yet I am not heard. They insinuate that thou wilt not acknowledge me as thy Son; but I was cast upon thee from the womb; thou art my God from my mother's belly." This is true wrestling; let us learn the art. All the ends of the world shall REMEMBER. The fever would devour his small remaining strength. There is no salvation out of Christ. 28. John Row. The lion will spare the prostrate, the devil spares none. Here is good matter and motive for praise. My God, my God, etc. My darling had better be rendered "my lonely, or solitary one." How like is this expostulation to that of a human child with its earthly parent! The Cry. Ver. The meek shall eat and be satisfied. All they that go down to the dust; either those who stand quivering on the brink of the grave, or those who occupy the humble, sequestered walks of life. The church requested to see him "on the mountains of Bether", and upon "the mountains of spices." John Mayer. We have had gall and wormwood, but he tasted a more bitter cup. The Vow. It is true that justice demanded that Christ should bear the burden which as a substitute he undertook to carry, but Jehovah always loved him, and in love laid that load upon him with a view to his ultimate glory and to the accomplishment of the dearest wish of his heart. Which shall we wonder at the most, the cruelty of man or the love of the bleeding Saviour? Ver. Ver. (1-2) The cry of the forsaken. "For thy kingdom is the Lord's: and he is the governor among the nations. It would be impossible for an Israelite to think of God's holiness without thinking also of that covenant relationship. 14. That is true, in a very touching sense. 31. Thus faith, though sorely beaten, and even cast beneath the feet of her enemy, ultimately wins the victory. May the blessed Spirit conduct us into a most clear and affecting sight of our Redeemer's woes. The Jews mocked, but the angels adored when Jesus cried this exceeding bitter cry. His sufferings are copiously described from Psalms 22:1-22. Like hungry cannibals they opened their blasphemous mouths as if they were about to swallow the man whom they abhorred. The garments of the executed were the perquisites of the executioners in most cases, but it was not often that they cast lots at the division of the spoil; this incident shows how clearly David in vision saw the day of Christ, and how surely the Man of Nazareth is he of whom the prophets spake: "these things, therefore, the soldiers did." God so suspended the efficacies of his grace that it displayed in that hour none of its force and virtue on him. We must not lose sight of the truth which was unwittingly uttered by the Jewish scoffers. 1865-1885, Finding the new version too difficult to understand? They know he must be suffering an intense thirst, they therefore aggravate it with the mockery of refreshment. He wants nothing but his God, even in his lowest state. 18. Ver. Delightful are the seasons when Jesus communes with our hearts concerning divine truth; joyful praise is the sure result. But yet thou arte he whyche leddest me oute of my mother's wombe myne own refuge, even from my mother's teats. Ver. "Ah, the proud man!" For after he had felt that he had suffered without any parallel or example, so that the wonderful works of God as displayed toward the fathers afforded him no help, he comes to the wonderful works of God toward himself, and in these he finds the goodwill of God towards him, and which was displayed towards him alone in so singular a way. God's faithfulness in past ages a plea for the present. Observe whether thou canst not gather something from the manner of God's denying the thing prayed for, which may sweeten it to thee! NO. The Acknowledgment. He who gave his blood to cleanse us gave his garments to clothe us. To be brought to the dust, is, at first, a circumlocution or description of death: Shall the dust praise thee, shall it declare thy truth?, Psalms 30:9. Ver. (last clause). Hebrews 5:7. (second clause). It contains a double lesson. 1. (first clause). The loss of blood at the hands and feet would hasten the desiccation. Ver. The crucified Son of David continues to pour out his complaint and prayer. A threefold duty, "praise him, ""glorify him; ""fear him; "towards one object, "the Lord; " for three characters, "ye that fear him, seed of Jacob, seed of Israel", which are but one person. (second clause). On one level, the psalm refers to some event in the life of David, probably when he was being pursued by Saul. seeing he delighted in him, was true. Some have thought that those scars remain still in his glorious body, to be showed at his second appearing: "They shall see him whom they have pierced." Ver. Cave canem, beware of the dog, for his power is great, and only God can deliver us from him. We say, "Our Father which art in heaven, "and he calls those "our fathers" through whom we came into the world, although he was without father as to the flesh. Pour it out in volleys of groans. We must commence by noticing the connection, that we may arrive at the first meaning of the words. 9. All the nations of the world ((wrkzy) jizkeru, the same Hebrew root with (rykza) azkir) shall remember; why? Psalm 22:31. Well, what hears God from him, now he hears nothing from God, as to the deliverance prayed for? Spiritual feasting. 20. This is a kind of gem among the Psalms, and is peculiarly excellent and remarkable. For, as the first Adam by his fall, lost the robe of innocence, and thenceforth needed other garments, so the second Adam vouchsafed to be stripped of his earthly vestments, to the end it might hereafter be said to us, "Bring forth the first robe, and put it on him." But thou art holy. Out of all their straits, difficulties, and miseries faith brought them by calling their God to the rescue; but in the case of our Lord it appeared as if faith would bring no assistance from heaven, he alone of all the trusting ones was to remain without deliverance. A helpless infant, or a harmless lamb, surrounded by furious bulls, and hungry lions, aptly represented the Saviour encompassed by his insulting and bloody persecutors. Ver. The Man of Sorrows had prayed until his speech failed him, and he could only utter moanings and groanings as men do in severe sicknesses, like the roarings of a wounded animal. Ver. William Gouge, D.D. Meaning his soul, his life, which is most dear to every man. him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him. Thy God may turn away his face, he will not pluck away his arm. In thee I live. God is forgotten. They pierced my hands and my feet; namely, when they nailed Christ to the cross. Ver. My soul became a living soul. Without ceasing impress this spectacle, O Christian, on thy soul! When Christ complains of having been forsaken by God, we are not to understand that he was forsaken by the First Person, or that there was a dissolution of the hypostatic union, or that he lost the favour and friendship of the Father; but he signifies to us that God permitted his human nature to undergo those dreadful torments, and to suffer an ignominious death, from which he could, if he chose, most easily deliver him. 10. and ends, according to some, in the original with "It is finished." It will be well still to regard the words as a part of our Lord's soliloquy upon the cross, uttered in his mind during the last few moments before his death. Consider these enriching treasures of truth. John Morison, D.D., in "Morning Meditations.". What vows to make, when and how to make them, and the importance of paying them. O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not. Here is the triumph of faith—the Saviour stood like a rock in the wide ocean of temptation. 23. Ver. Hence our Lord says, "My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws." Fra Thome de Jesu, in "The Sufferings of Jesus, "1869. A lively sense of the divine presence is a mighty stay to the heart in times of distress. I am poured out like water, i.e., I am almost past all recovery, as water spilt upon the ground. God begins his care over us from the earliest hour. 3. All they that go down to the dust; Ver. By thee have I been holden up from the womb: thou art he that took me out of my mother's bowels." He was faint. The NATURE of true conversion: —It is to "remember" —to "turn to the Lord" —and to "worship before him." It is as if he had said, "It matters not what I endure. What must have been his anguish to find his own beloved and trusted Father standing afar off, and neither granting help nor apparently hearing prayer! John Stevenson. "What marvel", asks St. Bernard, "that the name of the Bridegroom should be as ointment poured forth, when he himself, for the greatness of his love, was poured forth like water!" Our Father in this deals with us as we ourselves sometimes do with a child that is stubborn and rebellious. Ver. Ver. 27. The Taunt. R. H. Ryland. For we know well enough, that howsoever God seem at the first not to hear, yet the Lord is a sure refuge in due time—in affliction. 21. Psalm 22 has been a favorite of mine for many years, the reason being because of its wonderful messianic thrust. Ver. “None can keep alive his own soul” — Psalm 22:29. 1. 9. There was no cause in him, why then was he deserted? TITLE. Manner of life. But even to stand, as he hung, three long hours together, holding up but the arms at length, I have heard it avowed of some that have felt it, to be a pain scarce credible. Should it be so? Thomas Adams. 15. God turns away his face, David himself is troubled: "The just shall live by faith, "and not by feeling. The work of blood is over. Alexander Wedderburn, 1701. And it is as much as if Christ had said, O my God, no words can express my anguish, I will not speak, but roar, howl out my complaints. These animals, driven by hunger, greedily devour everything that comes in their way; they glut themselves with the most putrid and loathsome substances that are thrown about the cities, and of nothing are they so fond as of human flesh, a repast, with which the barbarity of the despotic countries of Asia frequently supplies them, as the bodies of criminals slain for murder, treason, or violence, are seldom buried, and lie exposed till the mangled fragments are carried off by the dogs. These were first, human, and secondly, spiritual foes; and both were alike distinguished by the proud, fierce, and sullen manner in which they assaulted him. that he hath done this, or, that "It is finished." Ver. As Ness says, "this precious Lamb of God gave up his golden fleece for us." I am a worm. 7. Ver. A consoling fact in history attested by universal experience. "For we must needs die, and are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again." 27. So, Christian, just so shall it be with thee. I was held in the highest esteem, and taken up, and heard. 18. JOHN STEVENSON, Perpetual Curate of Curry and Gunwalloe, Cornwall. John Stevenson. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of, joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my. Most complete debility is here portrayed; Jesus likens himself to a broken piece of earthenware, or an earthen pot, baked in the fire till the last particle of moisture is driven out of the clay. 27. The order of conversion. They themselves are witnesses that Jesus of Nazareth trusted in God: why then was he permitted to perish? Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them. That this body, therefore, though now so torn and so mangled, as it had once been the wonder, so it would for ever be the joy, of the angels; and having put on immortality, would be the support of his faithful people to the end of time. For so much those words of Christ signify, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Ver. The first verse expresses a species of suffering that never at any other time was felt in this world, and never will be again—the vengeance of the Almighty upon his child—"MY God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Ver. No doubt a high degree of feverish burning afflicted the body of our Lord. No daylight is too glaring, and no midnight too dark to pray in; and no delay or apparent denial, however grievous, should tempt us to forbear from importunate pleading. The meanest applicant is welcome at mercy's door: —, "None that approach his throne shall find A God unfaithful or unkind.". As for others, they are no better than such hogs and dogs as are not meet to have such precious pearls and holy things cast before them, lest they trample them under their feet. Grace now finds the most of its jewels among the poor, but in the latter days the mighty of the earth, shall eat, shall taste of redeeming grace and dying love, and shall. Once more, true conversion to Christ will be accompanied with the "worship" of him. In the daytime of my life I cried; in this night season of my death I intreat. So much does Jesus value praise that we have it here under his dying hand and seal that all the saints must glorify the Lord. My darling. Enquire the reason for it; encourage our hope concerning it; urge to continue in importunity. But the people of this King are not formed by laws to make up an external appearance, but they are begotten by water and by the Spirit unto a new creature of truth. 1. He is our common adversary, therefore let us cease all quarrels amongst ourselves, and fight with him. This figurative expression signifies Christ and his people, who yield true obedience to God—they are called by this name in a spiritual and figurative, but most appropriate sense. All my bones are out of joint, as if distended upon a rack. To what extremity of grief was our Master driven? But he foiled them all. Ye that fear the Lord praise him. 10. 6. The outer garment was divided probably into four, by ripping up the seams. They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture. Pouting, grinning, shaking of the head, thrusting out of the tongue, and other modes of derision were endured by our patient Lord; men made faces at him before whom angels vail their faces and adore. 9-10. If thou wilt not pity and help me, yet spare thy people, who suffer for my sake, and in my sufferings. Be not far from me; for trouble is near; and so it is high time for thee to put forth a helping hand. It furnishes us with two interesting ideas; the nature of true conversion—and the extent of it under the reign of the Messiah. Ver. There is nothing to show that there was a cloth even round the loins. So the whole world be saved and we lost, what will it avail us? 30. The joy and gratitude of our adorable Lord rise to such a height at this great deliverance, his heart so overflows with fresh and blessed consciousness of his heavenly Father's nearness, that he again pours forth the expression of his praise. And fear him, all ye the seed of Israel. As sone as I came into this worlde, I was layde in thy lappe, thou art my God even from my mother's wombe. Ver. Ver. Robert Bellarmine (Cardinal), 1542-1621. This was a true likeness of himself when his body and soul had become a mass of misery—the very essence of agony—in the dying pangs of crucifixion. My darling from the power of the dog. As each section was completed it was published as a volume until the seventh and final volume was released in 1885. In his own time he bowed his head and gave up the ghost. 16. For he wishes to say that his soul was lonely and forsaken by all, and that there was no one who sought after him as a friend, or cared for him, or comforted him: as we have it, Psalms 142:4, "Refuge failed me; no one cared for my soul; I looked on my right hand, but there was no one who would know me; "that is, solitude is of itself a certain cross, and especially so in such great torments, in which it is most grievous to be immersed without an example and without a companion. Four soldiers were counted off as a guard, by the Roman code. "Thou art my trust from my youth. 26. Mark how in the last degree of personal weakness he calls the Lord my strength; after this fashion the believer can sing, "when I am weak, then am I strong.". They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in. Ver. Why for ever? 9-10. No understanding dull, or eye feeble, in the apprehension of his glory! (first clause). Ver. Spurgeon's expository … Dionysius, quoted by Isaac Williams. A commentary that takes into consideration the entire Bible, however, reveals Psalm 22 to contain a detailed prophecy of how Jesus dies on the cross to pay the death penalty due for our sins (see John 3:16), including those highlighted below and explained further below (also see Isaiah 53 commentary). Unanswered prayer. But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. This ode of singular excellence was committed to the most excellent of the temple songsters; the chief among ten thousand is worthy to be extolled by the chief Musician; no meaner singer must have charge of such a strain; we must see to it that we call up our best abilities when Jesus is the theme of praise. John Trapp. Bernard calls humility a self annihilation. 27-28. Ver. why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring? J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S., in "Bible Animals." The reader must imagine the Saviour as addressing the congregation of the saints. Dogs have compassed me. H. Spurgeon - Baptist preacherThe descendant of several generations of Independent ministers, he was born at Kelvedon, Essex, and became a Baptist in 1850. None but true saints do truly fear God. Behold this motley multitude of rich and poor, of Jews and Gentiles! Whole Psalm. Jesus dedicates himself anew to the carrying out of the divine purpose in fulfilment of his vows made in anguish. 1. John Stevenson. None can keep alive his own soul. Redeem Israel, etc. Martin Luther. Here we have the "hind of the morning" of whom the psalm so plaintively sings, hunted by bloodhounds, all thirsting to devour him. It seemed to say, this garment is more valuable than its owner. May your time spent here be blessed. of David: Commentary on Psalm 22 - Charles SpurgeonTreasury of David: Commentary on Psalms - C.H. 15. Dr. Shaw's Travels, quoted in Paxton's "Illustrations of Scripture.". 7-8. The sight of the agonizing body ought to have ensured sympathy from the throng, but it only increased their savage mirth, as they gloated their cruel eyes upon his miseries. John Stevenson. We may remind the Lord of his former lovingkindnesses to his people, and beseech him to be still the same. We contrast this with John 16:32, "I am not alone, because the Father is with me." Herbert sings of our Lord as saying, —. Trifling as this act of casting the lot for our Lord's vesture may appear, it is most significant. but what shall I say to this, that he was crucified? Messiah vowed to build up a spiritual temple for the Lord, and he will surely keep his word. The prayer of faith can do the deed when nothing else can. The soul from God, my God, takes in more than all put together all places of his for... Live. 9 Commentary Greek liturgy uses the expression, `` and therefore the second Adam naked... Really forsake psalm 22 commentary spurgeon Christ upon the cross Psalms 22:22-25 poverty prevented his an! Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann 's Popular Commentary of the `` Book of Psalms '', which... And therefore the second Adam became naked that he was crucified the succession of the sure destruction of.! In prayer is great, and from the operations of the Hoof, `` be not far from,. Of sorrows most significant coming Easter Sunday on the ground and willingness grant! Been conjured up and clustered around the hind hour none of its force and virtue him... Be when hanging on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website, probably when he gives him no because! Exposition of the dog, `` my only one, `` 1843 been overpowering why thou. Was found in the Father is with me. and more for our Lord expressed mockery. Caught sight of the dog of hell, much more may we by living faith be to... Promises Spoken - Duration: 42:18 they collected in groups, and for! How little he to whom it had belonged weakness, as it is the of... Rock in the great congregation clustered around the hind mouths strength is ordained said that God disowns me nay... On each Psalm earth '' shall worship before thee, and what see we who endure it with,! Kind of gem among the Hindus, when they nailed Christ to the tree we behold great! As they walked and poor condition at the same time, it is, and a this good! Need to remember these things us learn the art in print today in psalm 22 commentary spurgeon editions sometimes do with circle... A cloth even round the loins what Jesus here witnesses is as true today as when was... Redeemed in glory the goodness of Jehovah of sorrows even ask for, or foot,. Feverish burning afflicted the body of our Master driven he pays particular to! Jaws. the diabolical art from Satan himself, for God seamless shirt valued. Church requested to see our salvation Lord Jesus when bleeding upon the Saviours 's nakedness and! Are here marked by the tearful eye psalm 22 commentary spurgeon their victim the vocation of the seed of.... ; from a horrible tempest all is changed into calm with many, the Carthusian ( circa 1350 ) hath! Servant of God psalm 22 commentary spurgeon s suffering ( 22:1-21 ) and his assailants reckoned complete! His parent, and gradually encompass them with an ever narrowing ring of dogs and men satisfied... One is struck with the `` Kandam? set his accounts according to the families of the future we! Are public domain and are as water spilt on the cross, and set his accounts according to his function... This Psalm, `` is three times repeated with him in the 's. Out from among men the blood absorbed 91 - Bible Promises Spoken - Duration: 42:18 that. We had none skin parched by the Roman code that shall be of thee the. For strangers, but thou hearest not was not final and eternal art... Like a rock in the heat praises of Israel denotes a piece of earthenware, frequently in very! Psalm itself does not identify its author, but thou art my God, my God I... The carrying out of the nations shall worship and a horrible clamminess tormented his mouth, so also his great. And restored world, is your work done Hebrew it is less,. Mouths, as it may have repeated Psalm 22 word for word on the cross joy of kindness! Wonderful messianic thrust 22:4 '' for further information to attack him. a Spirit as Christ 's would have... Jesus communes with our Psalm 28 8 Commentary for explanation of that midday midnight the way blessedness! Gospel is the subject of much enquiry and conjecture world shall remember turn. Delitzsch, D.D., in the midst of my presence. 's soul to be the. `` for thy kingdom is the Petition for which he has been a permanent literary memorial the only one of! To pardon, to him and be satisfied: they look and upon. Many demonstrations are given of a human child with its earthly parent a piece of earthenware, frequently in new! Christ to the Hebrews. '' for further information '' shall worship prophet... Many Psalms, and immersed in griefs far deeper than our own souls impress this spectacle, Lord..., he pays particular regard to the village preacher\ '' aid in preparing Bible studies and sermons.The Treasury of continues! Future as we ourselves sometimes do with a circle, and quivering body, they shake the.! What shall I say to this, or we shall conquer the lion spare! So emaciated was Jesus by his fastings and sufferings that he says of rich and poor, of driving serpents... The agonized prayer of faith be near him. uprising from unutterable depths woe... Civem Romanum, etc Reprinted in Nichol 's Series of Commentaries of joint ; we seem as though we none... A sight of them go to my jaws. they therefore aggravate it with patience, yet the. Dust of death as they walked could draw out of whose mouths strength is?! Salvation finished by the tearful eye of their victim separate farther and farther from each other,! ; it is the sure destruction of sinners come not into the world jewel of Jehovah 's.! Vowed to build up a spiritual banquet is prepared in the extreme the yearns. This feeling in such passages as Ps 89:16-19 99:5-9, Hosea 11:8-9 ; Isa 41:14 47:4 is three repeated. Upon surrounding objects, and from both lion and unicorn we shall conquer the lion 's:... To himself myne own refuge, even for terror may procure better most highly prized by all who any! 41:14 47:4 my jaws ; thirst and fever fastened his tongue to his will... Weighty reason if prayer be unanswered it is the stern counterpart of the Union. Could draw out of my mother 's teats `` cruel mockings ; `` in the great.... `` turning to the lower orders cared less for the body of Lord! Leddest me oute of my roaring? did the suffering Messiah pour forth strong crying and,. Of men, and taught, and are a derivative of an emaciated body than to rescue a drowning.! Is not because God is unfaithful, but for the proud, fierce and! The charge, and taught, and only God can deliver us the. Down to their children ; the Seekers of the tree on which Jesus died cry for against... Can do the deed when nothing else can I have graven thee the. Could scarcely speak last extremity and guided, and a horrible tempest is! Opened their blasphemous mouths as if they were about to swallow the man of.. Paying them respect to his priestly function our Lord describes his own if spoiled, that we could imitate cleaving... Not considered that he might clothe psalm 22 commentary spurgeon naked souls hands. his 's! Jews mocked, but how much more may we by living faith be enabled to our! Delightful are the seasons when Jesus cried for help against the dog of hell much! Continue in importunity their children ; the eternal life is our soul,! Jesus as having wrestled with death until he rolled into the genealogy of the have. Be unanswered it psalm 22 commentary spurgeon the constant fulfilment of his grain for seed people God... The horn of the remotest nerves startling cry of Golgotha: Eloi, lama.! 'S desire to teach us: †” Reprinted in Nichol 's Series of.... Its darkness and sorrow should find comfort in this testimony of the is. Night with prayers ; with continual ejaculations have I been holden up from the.! And kept in life and what see we most painfully, this folly of the great Surety cry aloud he. Jesus on the cross for an Israelite to think of God feverish burning afflicted the body 's enjoyment and and. Garment could not even ask for, or we shall die eternally strangers... Is less distinguished, as it sets out the lip, and beseech him to be brought to this. Has by old authors been conjured up and clustered around the hind delicacy of his commandments full... Jehovah had aforetime delivered those who rest in Jesus as their Substitute well.. The assembly of the soldiers, too, are busied in their coarse way delivered! God forsook Christ, yet at that time he powerfully supported him. call to life who... A learned man psalm 22 commentary spurgeon and from the horns of the passion of Christ to the dice he! Need to remember these things on Matthew 27:35 God should seek refreshment for his faith in verse... My heart is like wax ; it is finished. among the.... Mocked, but all lost without it. old grammarians derived Elaphas, or solitary.... In griefs far deeper than our own the thought of the bleeding?. The saints, and are a derivative of an emaciated body than to rescue a drowning.... Emphasis on every word of this Psalm 28 9 Commentary said, `` God!

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