bittern sound name

bittern definition: 1. a type of European water bird that has long legs and is related to the heron 2. a type of…. The American Bittern produces this sound by spectacular contortions performed with its air-filled esophagus. Hearing this sound in the wilderness led me on a year-long path of investigation into, and appreciation of, this peculiar, solitary bird. BITTERN - bit'-ern (qippodh; Latin Botaurus stellaris; Greek echinos): A nocturnal member of the heron family, frequenting swamps and marshy places. The Bittern Habits, Range and Derivation of the Bird's Name. As a further adaptation, the bird has become an expert at the stealthy stake-out, learning how to disappear among the reeds. It is mainly nocturnal and is most active at dusk. Thanks Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) bird sounds on Listen to American Bittern on - a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and bird calls. There is also a sense of eerieness to it, that, along with its secretive nature, intensifies the bird’s air of mystery. Other bitterns and herons. Learn more. I didn’t think so at the time; but, retrospectively, I have to say “Thanks” to that thorn. The last name is the 1,107,053 rd most frequently held last name world-wide. Please note that all comments are moderated and may take some time to appear. They have dark, vertical stripes on their necks that make them camouflaged among the freshwater grasses – a necessary adaptation. It also allows a bittern to have a quicker strike, because its muscles are already in motion when the strike begins. It has a long, thick neck and a straight, brownish-yellow bill. The species is substantially declining in this country, and Cornell states that research on its natural history would help conserve this curious species. Bird Search. 1510–20; bitter, bittor bittern + -n (perhaps by association with heron), Middle English bito (u) r, butur, boto (u) r

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