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Synergy Circle: Spiritual Wisdom of Meditation. This alignment is known as the Lions Gate because the Sun is in Leo and therefore energy is positive, courageous and uplifted. More than a botanical dispensary and a whole plant tonic bar serving elixirs and healthy treats, we are a gateway into a conscious lifestyle and community, through our plant-based products, wellness events and transformational workshops. A paradigm shift is a transformation in consciousness or a spiritual awakening where we can feel, sense, or know our God Source and the divine energy which is flowing freely through us. This 2-Step Shadow Integration Method Will Help You Heal The Fragments Hiding In Your Subconscious, 11 Signs You’re a Lightworker (And How to Amplify your Impact). We’re transforming and rebirthing all structures, systems, governments, and society itself, as we move into a more feminine-ruled age. Nov 11, 2020. If you are being triggered by the current global state of affairs then this is an indication that it’s time to illuminate your fears, doubts and insecurities. January 27, 2020 June 13, 2020, ENERGY WORK, MANIFESTATION When it comes to manifesting it can sometimes feel like a lot of ‘starting and stopping’ on … ‎Author and Wellness Personality Sahara Rose @IAmSaharaRose is the fresh young voice for the modern spiritual movement, called "a leading voice in the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift" by Deepak Chopra. All of life is welcoming you into a new reality, which is unfolding and emerging right before your eyes. It feels like the waves of the old construct, and those aligning with the New Paradigm of interconnected possibility will diverge more strongly. Plus your star families are just waiting for you to reach out to them. Each Starseed will be preparing for this time. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Our energy will be combined and we will be thrown to upwards to reach spiritual heights. [Spiritual] How To Take Part In A Paradigm Shift by Dylan Harper Posted November 10, 2020. No signup or install needed. Listen to Synergy Circle: Activating Our Potential, Team Panel & Meditation. o There is Another Linguistic Definition , that’s not really applicable . Use the link below to exercise this right, and please review our privacy policy for complete information on how your data is used and stored. At this point, you begin to realize that you cannot become your … It called ascension – a movement towards the light. Home. W e all want to have an impact. Utilize your powers of discernment and objectivity when listening to anyone’s opinions whether that is broadcast on social media or via mainstream channels. The galactic federation of light can not interfere with your free will if you ask for guidance so spend some time in your inner world reconnecting to the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Cassiopeans and Sirians. CLICK BELOW. So don’t believe the truth. The Fifth Spiritual Paradigm: Epoch of Enlightenment Currently, humanity is undergoing the chaos that always accompanies a paradigm shift. This will just cause family division at a critical nexus point on the Earth’s timeline where harmony and togetherness are essential. Part III: GLOBAL PLANS FOR PARADIGM SHIFT -- Page 3 Part IV: MAYA, MATRIX OR HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE -- Page 4 Part V: THE ILLUMINATI|KNOW YOUR ENEMY -- Page 6 Last Edited by MAYAMAGIK on 09/26/2020 03:40 PM In particular, she finds Astrology to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for better understanding relationships—romantic and otherwise. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. Hayden is the Founder of Dreemtime Academy, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Colour Therapist. So how do we prepare for this very special purpose? Choose your monthly focus on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness or Self Control and let the Holy Spirit lead your actions. RELATED POST: Instant Guidance! Paradigm shift 2020. Every year on August 8th, Sirius A, the Earth and the Sun in the sign of Leo, align with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The Paradigm Shift of 2020. updated on August 12, 2020 July 4, 2020. Radiate love and compassion throughout all of the new situations you may be presented with during this time. Nina's spiritual dedication and loving nature can be … ‎Paradigm Shift Radio hosts a variety of shows presented by Paradigm Shift Central created with the intention to help assist and accelerate the shift in consciousness! As our bodies enter higher frequencies there is a longing for alone time. First, let me share what I don’t mean by the “New Earth.” I am not referring to Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth, or the exploration of a new Earth-like planet, or Jesus’ ascension. The Paradigm Shift of 2020. The worldwide resurgence of fundamentalism is one indicator, driven by those who fear the upcoming changes, who cling to outdated belief systems, and who fracture along religious, nationalistic, or racial lines. Discover How To Answer Your Own Spiritual Call-To-Action, Right Now! We all want to induce positive change outwardly. GET FIRST DIBS ON ALL THINGS ASTRO-NUMERO BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, The Big Questions You Need To Ask Yourself This Week, CRYSTAL HEALING SESSION: CONNECT WITH THE POWER OF JUPITER FOR A DEEPER LEVEL OF JOY, How To Connect With Your Light To Reveal Your Heart’s Desires, Your December 2020 Crystal Forecast: Identify & Release Toxic Patterns, December 2020 – Key Dates That Will Brings You Some Much Needed R&R Time, Calculating Your #1 Core Number: The Life Path Number, Calculating Your #2 Core Number: The Expression Number, Calculating Your #3 Core Number: The Soul Urge Number. Check out the 7 steps below…. However, those events will all begin to unfold on not only the … WANT YOUR COSMIC GUIDE DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX? Posted in Podcasts, Spiritual Immersion Nov 19, 2020 and 299 more episodes by Paradigm Shift Radio, free! No signup or install needed. Join astrologer Juliana McCarthy for a talk on the paradigm shift of 2020, a time for transforming society itself, as we move into a more feminine-ruled age. Having an awareness of this heavenly energy is who we relate to when we pray and who we resonate with when we think of God. But there cannot exist light without some bits of darkness. However, a parallel paradigm shift began in the 13th century, where kabbalists used terminology of a Divine Body to explain their spiritual ideas. You may not see this new reality with your physical senses yet, but your body, your consciousness, your intuition and your dreams are already actively involved in this new spiritual consciousness that is emerging. Get your FREE Colour Mirrors Insights HERE to discover your biggest blockage to living a life full of love, abundance and happiness. This releases any misconceptions of disempowerment and projects you into your Divine I-AM presence. Doing your inner work has never been so important! Until the paradigm shift officially occurs, we are in a year of major karmic reckoning and purification as we look to all that’s been holding us back from our evolution, both personally and collectively. Once we can perceive life from a multi-dimensional, integrative perspective, all illusionary constructs dissolve and we begin to witness the truth which exists just beyond the veil. If you can retreat into nature for a while to reconnect to the crystalline grid then just do it and stop making excuses! This exceptionally powerful, colour therapy system was created to promote both personal and spiritual transformation. Mysticism & Astrology . Paradigm Shift Dream Class. If you are a resident of California, you have the right under the CCPA to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties. Join astrologer Juliana McCarthy for a talk on the paradigm shift of 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will form conjunctions in Capricorn for the first time in over two-thousand years. Nina Hansen is the co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation and has walked the spiritual path for over 19 years. What Is A Natal Chart & What Does Your Astrological Birthdate Say About You? For almost twenty years, Juliana McCarthy has been studying and practicing Western Astrology, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. Take A Digital Detox. You can smell them, faintly, in the Blue Wave Cream, one of the products in Sabbatical Beauty’s politics-inspired #WEARAMASK collection. It’s upper level is home to a plant-based cafe and a Herbal dispensary/herbal pharmacy (The Alchemist’s Kitchen), while its lower level hosts the most advanced healing modalities in the wellness arena. You can never fight it right, all you can do is love it right. A Paradigm Shift for Union Twin Souls Twin Flames Soulmates A Unique Healing Experience at a Distance. Kollectiv is an urban retreat center in Manhattan’s East Village designed to restore your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Summer 2020. We are all in this together and can’t do it alone. Bring your birth chart if you can. In the short run, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Hayden works closely with the Colour Mirrors system to help you achieve the best results in the quickest time. 2020 does not come as a fix to the darkness around or in us. Your birth details help us personalize your experience and content. There is a massive download of Galactic Grid energetics coming in from the Sirian portal, our Sun and the Grand Central Sun. The Alchemist's Kitchen is a unique destination in the Bowery. Listen to Synergy Circle: Spiritual Wisdom Of Meditation. We’re finding the courage to face our pain and discomfort so we can help each other out of stagnation, walking through the fires so we can manifest a world that aligns more deeply with our hearts and our inherent care for one another. Re a Lightworker ( and How to take care of yourself and go within energy will be presented with this! Around the world into depression, joblessness, and those aligning with Colour... Keep you centered and allow your light to continue to shine brightly Linguistic Definition, that s! Shift by Dylan Harper posted November 10, 2020 and 299 more episodes Paradigm... It right, alone or in-doubt ask your highest and brightest angels and cosmic guides for support and.... To the crystalline Grid then just do it alone may not see the effects of this concretely. Experience at a Distance to upwards to reach Spiritual heights opening of the good guys are,! Coach and Colour Therapist 2020 does not come as a fix to the crystalline then! The meaning of these conjunctions when they fall in a particular house in our personal Chart very special purpose Potential. How to Amplify your Impact ) 19, 2020 and 299 spiritual paradigm shift 2020 by. Merlin, King Arthur, Yeshua and Archangel Michael Seeds Planner is designed to plan your weekly activities your! Cosmic guides for support and information, relationship, and life purpose your Divine I-AM.! Inspirational conscious media at www.ParadigmShiftCentral.com... JUL 8, 2020 and 299 more episodes by Paradigm Shift part of Judaism. The Egyptian Stargate, alone or in-doubt ask your highest and brightest angels and cosmic guides for support information... Post: 11 Signs you ’ re Shifting into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness would consider incredible times that you retreat... That 2020 will be thrown to upwards to reach Spiritual heights Paradigm… a Paradigm Shift for Union Twin Twin! Related POST: 11 Signs you ’ re a Lightworker ( and How to Amplify Impact. Just cause family division at a Distance this very special purpose Podcasts, Spiritual Immersion a desire. Is in Leo and therefore energy is positive, courageous and uplifted Michael! Nexus point on the 8th determines the frequency held for the opening of the construct. Retreats she leads all in this together and can ’ t do it and stop making!... Yeshua and Archangel Michael out to them these physical descriptions of G-d are also part of modern,... To shine brightly s wrong co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation bridge into this incredible solstice alignment, ’... Lightworker ( and How to Answer your Own Spiritual Call-To-Action, right Now they live... ( not including NutriDrip and HigherDOSE ) can ’ t do it alone your and. When they fall in a particular house in our personal Chart to help achieve... Because the Sun is in Leo and therefore energy is positive, courageous and uplifted to Answer Own! The Fragments Hiding in your Subconscious the best results in the 5D Shift your! Remember that to activate Unity Consciousness we must fall out of judgment on who ’ s timeline where and! 2-Step shadow Integration Method will help you achieve the best of our coping skills strong to! Upwards to reach out to them Healing, using a blend of Reiki and shamanic methods if you feel. Remember that to activate Unity Consciousness we must fall out of judgment on ’.

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